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Something very exciting happened last weekend. I took my "sisters" Amanda and Larissa to the Eisley show in DC for Amanda's birthday. The first time we saw them was all together three or four years ago, so it was really special to do it again. (Not to mention we had Ben's Chili Bowl for dinner... and milkshakes after. Mmm.)

There are so many reasons why this was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. For one thing, it was in a small venue (U Street Music Hall) but it wasn't overcrowded. Eisley has a pretty big following and they haven't toured in a long while, so I thought for sure it would be super packed. We got there after the opener (I'll get to that in a second), and we found ourselves up front without a fight. I felt like the crowd was just kind of... hanging out. That's pretty rare for a show. Anyway, everyone had a great view no matter where they were.

It was amazing to see the girls play again, especially being moms and touring with all their babies! One of my favorite parts of the show was Chauntelle singing lead on a song, and her husband brought their baby out to watch her right next to us. Their little girl kept pointing to her mom on stage and smiling. What an amazing way to grow up! Not to mention they all have their own side projects (Sucré, Perma, Rising Fawn). That's a huge responsibility... props to them. They really have the coolest dynamic going on. They grew up playing music together as sisters with their brother and cousin, the girls all married musicians, they all had babies around the same time, and they continue to stick together, write, sing, and leave a legacy.

I promised I would talk about the opener: The youngest brother and sister of the DuPree family, Christie and Collin, are Merriment. I had heard they were working on some music and their debut album, "Sway," came out today! There is no lack of talent in this family, let me tell you. It just keeps getting better and better. There is never any disappointment where their albums are concerned. They all have an incredible talent for writing, unique vocals, and passion for what they do.
It was a very good night. And you can stream "Sway" here... and then buy it because you'll love it so much.

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