friday favorites :: chelsea peretti and other good things

I am exceptionally grateful for long weekends. Memorial Day has to be one of my favorite long weekends because everyone takes off early anyway to make it even longer. And this is how I feel about Mondays in general:

Is anyone else obsessed with Chelsea Peretti? Her character Gina is the best. Which brings me to my first Friday Favorite:

There was a fugitive goat running around where I grew up... I told my good friends who live there that they should capture and keep it. Then they sent me an email saying, "Did we tell you we've decided we are getting goats next year? Because we don't remember talking to you about it..." BOOM. I'm a mind reader!

I've been loving Kinsey's coffee recipes. They sound so good!

Life has been a bit stressful lately, so here is some music for your weekend that will hopefully de-stress you too:

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