inside my mom's dating life.

You know how it is. Parents split up, go their separate ways, no one wants to be alone, blah blah blah. Well, my mother never ceases to amaze me with the people she finds to date. Let's take a look, shall we?

1. Flash back about eight or so years ago. My mom meets a guy in a bar. He turns out to be a millionaire and they are together for a very long time, taking his yacht to the Bahamas every year and such things. Why can't I have that kind of luck?!

2. A year or two ago, the million-dollar relationship ends. Mom meets another guy in the same bar. All she tells me is that she calls him "Billy Bob" because he looks like Billy Bob Thornton. Fun fact: He really does look like Billy Bob Thornton. I secretly hope I'll never have to call him Dad.

3. Billy Bob leaves the picture somehow (I never want details), and I go out to dinner with Mom. She proceeds to tell me she's met another nice man in the same bar. She starts describing him to me and I say, "Wait a minute. He's a vet? Where does he work?" She tells me the name of his vet clinic. I go, "Mom. HE'S OUR VET. We've literally been taking our dogs there as long as I can remember." (She wouldn't know that because my dad always takes them.) So, as the story goes, my mother is dating my dog's vet. I guess there are worse people to be dating, for sure. At least he loves animals and I know he's a nice guy. Maybe this is a sign to get another puppy!

my Misty, who passed away last year.

End note: I miss having a dog. Having a vet for a stepdad could be a great thing...

Happy Friday! (Or, if you're in Maryland, happy monsoon season.)

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