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After yesterday's post about the hardships of the working world, I really wanted to focus on what makes me happy. That emotion is much more valuable! (For one thing: peonies!)

~ Have you tried Twice? It's an online clothing store where you can buy and sell top brands for way cheaper than retail. You get money for your clothes, which is awesome! I usually just donate (which is definitely a worthy cause), but if I ever need some quick cash, this would be a good way to get it! You automatically get $10 off for signing up.

~ One of my good friends teaches a spin class at a couple of local LA Fitness gyms... and I get to go for free! Nothing makes me happier than going to the gym and taking a class without a membership :) Plus, I really enjoy spinning and am looking forward to keeping fit during the summer!

~ These fruit bars look amazing... and shortly after reading about them, my friend posted that she had bought some and loves them! If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is. I'll have to get some!

~ How funny is it that Trey wrote this post for A Beautiful Mess the day after I talked about my job?

~ I just discovered Tea with Kate and loved reading about her adventures through Europe. And she is the sister of another lovely blogger that I enjoy, Chalk White Arrow.

~ I've been telling my roommate that I don't want to celebrate my birthday this year (as if I can stop aging)... but if someone made me this cake, I would be more than thrilled.

~ Yesterday it rained and rained, and all I wanted to do was listen to rainy day music. Naturally, Lana Del Ray.

And now I'm off for a weekend of friends...& USMNT vs Turkey on Sunday! Watch ESPN, you'll probably see me and my best friend on TV cheering our brains out with our blue and red wigs. :) 

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