tuesday & tune-yards.

This morning's musings:

 It smells like bacon when I enter my work building every morning. And I always think, "maybe today is the day where I actually buy and eat that bacon."
 I'm avoiding checking my work email indefinitely. (Which means I'll check it in five minutes.)
 Baseball games on weeknights are generally a very good idea.
 Must buy a ukelele.


I saw Tune-Yards on Jimmy Fallon last week. Upon further research, I discovered some interesting facts that make this band even more crazy lovable. One is that they originated in Connecticut, of all places. I find that so random and hilarious, and I love that big music can come out of smaller environments. Plus, Merrill Garbus (the originator) recorded her first Tune-Yards album on cassette with a voice recorder. She loops and incorporates ukelele, electric bass, and a whole lot of crazy. This band has created something truly unique, strange, and wonderful... listen below! And don't be afraid to dance.

Their 2014 album, Nikki Nack, came out this month. Enjoy!

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  1. nice videos :)