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Yesterday was a whirlwind... by the time I had a chance to sit down, I was getting ready for bed! Like I said last time... a lot is happening right now and hopefully I will be able to post about it soon. In the meantime, I've been feeling stressed like nobody's biz. Do you ever have those weeks where it's just a chronic, panicked feeling? That's been me this week. So today I decided to share my favorite ways to relieve stress.

∆ Friends. If I can get into a good convo with my friends about how I'm feeling or just hang out with them to distract me, I feel better. My friends have helped me make tough decisions more than once!
∆ Friday Night Lights. I couldn't sleep last night so I got on Netflix and watched an episode until I was tired again. It's the perfect thing for when your brain won't stop running. Tim Riggins cures all.
∆ Flowers. Our house and garden are filled with flowers right now, and it's such a relaxing space! (I'm not planning on all my favorite things starting with "f" by the way... it's just kind of happening...)
Music. I ran through a bunch of covers the other night on my guitar to see what kind of shape I'm in for getting back out there and playing in public, and it made me feel much better.
∆ My preggo best friend. Her due date was yesterday, and talking to her about labor and other pregnant topics definitely took my mind off of my problems for a while! At least I don't have to be scared about pushing a human out of me, am I right?!
∆ Massages. I had one last weekend and I have a two-hour session scheduled in June. You'd be surprised at how much they help re-focus you, even if you get a short half-hour one. I use mine to clear my head and/or try to sort out my thoughts. Plus, they dig the knots out of my shoulders and it hurts so bad but feels amazing later!
∆ Books. Getting lost in a good story is a great feeling when you can't stop thinking about something stressful.
∆ Walks. In the spring and summer, my roommate and I go to this park by our old house and take long walks after work. It's filled with trees, water, and sometimes a tame deer. (I'm not kidding; we named him Steve. I look for him every time.)
∆ Prayer. I would be crazy to forget this one... As a believer in Jesus, I know He is taking care of me and my needs. I need the reminder that His ways are higher when I feel like I have to figure everything out alone.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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