spring cleaning.

In lieu of a WTW post today, I'd like to to talk about the joy hell that is spring cleaning. I have spent all morning cleaning my mess of a room and re-working a couple of things. Sometimes I feel like straightening up your space is akin to those things you're supposed to do, but never want to do. Like going to the gym or avoiding mac & cheese (yeah right). But I will say this: after it's all said and done, after you're covered in sweat and dust and have thrown out a bunch of crap you didn't know you had... you will feel rejuvenated 100% of the time. Guaranteed!

Here are the ten steps of my spring cleaning (PS - motivation is by far the hardest part):

1. Woke up and watched the DVR'd season finale of The Voice. 
2. When it was over, watched one more episode of something else to avoid cleaning.
3. When that was over, dragged myself upstairs.
4. Stood in the doorway for a good five minutes staring at all the crap on my floor. Decided to tackle it from the doorway to the bed.
5. Put away an absurd amount of shoes.
6. Took everything off of every surface to dust. (This was by far the worst thing.)
7. Paused to buy a new Kate Spade wallet when my friend alerted me to a surprise online sale happening today.
8. Used a tiny handheld vacuum to get the dust off all the baseboards and corners. I can never bring myself to haul the big vacuum upstairs...
9. Tried to figure out how I could possibly relocate the stuff that just sits on my floor daily with nowhere to put it, when DING! Light bulb moment: asked my roommate if I could use the coffee table that's been sitting without a purpose in our upstairs hallway.
10. Dragged the coffee table into my room, and finally put that tapestry/scarf from India to good use. Overjoyed that I now have a place for my record player, records, books, and a bit more storage. Plus, it looks pretty!

It's really not that bad once you get going... and it feels awesome to have knocked it out in a morning. So if you're a procrastinator of cleaning like me, in the words of Nike: just do it. You won't regret it! And in case anyone cares, the stuff in the picture is as follows: the old Yamaha guitar I taught myself to play on in college; Johnny Cash autobiography (with a little cat book holder paperweight thing that I love); picture of me and my best friend on her wedding day; The Lone Bellow record; my Crosleyfaux sheepskin rug from IKEA; tapestry from India brought back by a friend.

Happy spring cleaning!

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