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Sometimes you drive to work in the early hours of the morning and hate everything on the radio, but can't be bothered to plug in your phone for Spotify. And sometimes your change the station just as an amazing song is in the middle of a glorious part that grabs your attention.

Hello, Sarah Jaffe.

Obviously, I love this girl by default since we share a name (with an "h"). She gives back through a guitar and her songwriting, and we are the same age. Plus she's toured with a whole bunch of amazing people. So much to love! These are times when I kick myself for not knowing when people burst onto the music scene. For Sarah, it was 2009. Her last album came out in 2012, although I can't wait for more! Thank you, WTMD radio, for playing the magic that is SJ.

UPDATE: Sarah has a new album coming out in August 2014!

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