music monday :: st. paul and the broken bones

Ladies & gents, all credit for this post goes to my good friend Sarah. A bunch of us were hanging out at a friend's baby shower on Saturday, and Sarah mentioned she had heard this cool band on CBS. She was referring to this:

Then I said, "I have to blog about this."

Seriously. This band is the real deal. The energy! The soul! The suits! The vocals (!!)! The dance moves! They sound amazing. And they look like guys that I would want to go to brunch with and have eggs and mimosas after watching them play. Let it be known how happy I am that this group of dudes is not just sticking to Birmingham. The whole world needs to hear them. I really do believe that this is the type of music that anyone could hear live and be drawn in, even if it's not your usual genre or you happen to hate music. I think it would be impossible to respond negatively to what these guys are putting out. Plus, how can you be sad while listening to this?!

Here's irony for you: Saturday I found out who they were, and Saturday was the night they were playing a show in my town. TOO LATE. I despise moments like that. Next time I'll be front and center for this!

Amen & AMEN.

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