friday favorites :: youtube edition

This week has had me cracking up with some of the YouTube gems (new & old) I've been watching... so I felt like I should pass them on to you! After all, sharing is caring. These are my favorites!

WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY. Oh, my gosh. First of all, this is the best. Secondly, these guys are the Norwegian version of Flight of the Conchords. Third, I saw a fox run across the road when I was driving the other day and had to resist the urge to sing my favorite bits and pieces of this insanity.

GUY ON A BUFFALO. My roommate introduced me to this and I am so happy she did. It is now one of our favorite things to reference in our house. I bought her a stuffed buffalo for Christmas last year, and we have plans to decorate our hallway wall with a buffalo silhoutte. We're cool like that. (PS - there are four episodes of this, so watch them all!)

GRAPE STOMPING FALL. There are no words... except "ouch."

KITTENS - INSPIRED BY KITTENS. One of my most favorite videos! My roommate and I watched this all the time in college. I wish more little girls would read books like this. You can usually count on me quoting it.

OLD GREG. If you have never seen this, I always say you have to watch it THREE times. First time = scary. Second time = funny. Third time = ultimately hilarious and you will find yourself quoting it forever. (You can ignore the last 5+ minutes or so after they sing the song... that part isn't as good.)

I promise these will make your Friday... enjoy!

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