an introduction.

I've had a vision of building a music blog for a very long time... and that day is finally here! Welcome to my little space. Whether you're my friend checking it out or a complete stranger, I'm really glad you're here. It's even better that you're here if you have an unquenched thirst for good music :)

There are a lot of music blogs floating around out there, guys. Like, a LOT. And I read a lot of blogs that share good bands and promote good music, but that isn't the main focus of what they do. However, it's this blog's main focus! I encourage you to stick around and go with this :) Who knows, I could be setting myself up for disaster here. But it's not my goal to try and make this a super professional blog, promote the hell out of it, or make any money. The vision is simply to get YOU, the reader, to look at music in a different way. 

If you'd like to know more about me, see my About page and my FAQ. I'm really grateful you stopped by and I hope you come back! Check in with me on Monday and I'll have my first post up and ready for you :)

PS - a special thanks to Kaelah for this blog design! She's the best!



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