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You may have heard of this chick by now... she's one of my favorites, so I had planned all along to introduce her once I got the blog launched. Her real name is Jasmine van den Bogaerde, but she goes by Birdy (too cute).

I know you guys have heard of Lorde... I'm convinced that she and Birdy could be best friends! Birdy is 17 and has such an amazing sound. It's one of those things where her voice is born, not made. I don't even know how teens are producing music like this at their age. Blows my mind!

Anyway... normally I do a little section on backgrounds and musicality, etc. (FYI, she's from the UK). But with this girl, I just want to jump into the music. Birdy first gained some recognition from covering Bon Iver's "Skinny Love." I haven't been able to stop listening to this cover for a couple months, honestly. I listened to it on repeat the day my dog died (probably pathetic, but true). I cry to this song. I sing loudly in my car to this song. I just overall love this song the way she does it.

I think it's safe to say she does this song complete justice. And if you haven't heard her other cover songs, like "DC Sleeps Alone Tonight," they're definitely worth a listen.

Now that she's made a name for herself, Birdy has recorded her own album, Fire Within. I did a preview of it and I have to say, it's really well done for a young girl. I tend to doubt the amount of "life experience" that someone her age can put into a project like this... but she pulls it off! Here's a little taste for you:

[all images via google]

Hope you guys enjoy & happy Monday!

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