throwback thursday :: the 90's

You know the 90's were a good time for all of us, even if you don't want to admit it. I'm not digging pictures out of my albums anytime soon.) But the very best part was the music! Don't we all still have 90's dance parties 20+ years later? I know I do, shamelessly. So for today's Throwback Thursday, I wanted to put my top ten favorite hits of the 90's out there! And the videos so we can all laugh at weird hair and bad clothing choices.

1. Genie in a Bottle. Or that entire album. Literally listened to it via my CD player on the bus to school everyday for a looooooong time.

2. Baby One More Time. The first time I heard this song was in my dad's car on the way to a middle school rollerskating lock-in. (Who else remembers lock-ins?!)

3. Wannabe. I distinctly remember that I did not have this CD for some reason. But my next door neighbor did... and we would jam in her basement to that album forever. (Her basement is also where I got some brief pool playing skills... but I think those are long gone. Pool tables used to be so cool.)

4. Inside Out. Oh, Lord. This song was my obsession when it was on the radio for the first time. I have no idea why I like it so much but I remember singing it (loudly) with the high school boys on my bus. (That makes me sound much cooler than I was.)

5. Crazy For This Girl. Oh, Evan & Jaron. Did you know they put out TWO albums? I had no idea... because I was convinced they only had this one hit and never did anything else. Who knew?

6. Losing My Religion. Still so good after all these years.

7. The Sign. This song was played all the time by my elementary school art teacher. I don't know why I remember this, but it happened. Clearly she had good taste. Could be why I became a musician and not an artist...

8. Always Be My Baby. I will never stop singing along to this song when I hear it. In fifth grade my friends did a dance to this song at a talent show. I still regret not doing it with them.

9. Say It Ain't So. The perfect hangout jam. Still makes an appearance when I drive depending on my mood.

10. I saved the best for last! I Want You Back. Okay, so maybe not the biggest *NSync hit... but I have always loved this song. My brother and I used to watch their music videos and try to imitate (badly). And I definitely watched their documentary "N The Mix" like every day of my middle school life. Not to mention had my entire bedroom wallpapered with *Nsync posters. (Justin in a football jersey was next to my bed.) Don't hate.

So there you have it, my 90's life personified. You now have permission to blackmail me. :)

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