what they wore :: the civil wars

Whether you think it matters or not, style plays a big part in the recognition of a musician or band. The music itself is always more important than what someone is wearing, but it's rare that I go to a show and don't notice what's on the person that's playing. (FYI, I love skinny jeans. Can't help it.) It gives a little something to their stage presence, in my opinion. So today I'm featuring a band that has not one, but two great people with style.

[images via weheartit]
If you know me really well, you know I love black. LOVE IT. Not in a depressing, moody sort of way, just classic. It goes with everything! And Joy and John Paul wear so much of it. It makes me happy. Not to mention he's always somewhere in between really dressy and disheveled. Sometimes he looks so put together with his bow ties and other times he looks slightly... not. I like Joy so much because she keeps it simple. She wears things that any girl could wear. That goes a long way in today's world. I'm all about her simplicity and gorgeous dress choices.
If you haven't heard their latest album yet, definitely go listen!

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