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One of my favorite music times will always be going to see this guy, Ben Rector. I've seen him three or four times (can never remember which) and he never disappoints. Besides having a great voice, he's one of those guys who you just feel like you can relate to. He did a lot more talking during his show at The Fillmore on Saturday and it was nice to hear some of his perspective on his songs and funny stories. That being said, I could have swapped the chatting for about four extra songs ;) He has a great sense of humor and always makes the crowd laugh... kind of like a comedian/music mix.
I like Ben so much because he has great songwriting skills and is a wonderful performer. His music is kind of feel-good rock and roll, in a sense. I don't have any pictures with him on piano this time, but I love when he plays keys. He gets so into it. And his band is a really fun group of guys. They encourage a lot of audience singing, which I always like. And they wear things like suspenders and bow ties. WIN. On top of all that, they are big supporters of philanthropic work and brought World Vision to their show this time to raise money to build clean water wells. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.
Here are a couple of my favorites... I'll let you be the judge!
white dress
when a heart breaks
and a fun cover he likes to do!

Ben put a new album out recently, The Walking In Between, so go check that out! (And listen to his other albums... they are what started my love for him in the first place.)

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