the talk :: sleep when you're dead!

REAL TALK. It's my personal life goal to keep myself super busy and energetic and never sleep in my twenties. I can sleep when I'm dead, right? And I firmly believe that your single young(er) years are for making the most of your time and doing everything you want to before you get married and have to live with a boy!

I feel you, Monica!
Anyway. In case you don't really know me and you want a little insight... here's the breakdown of why I'm doing more living and less REM cycles. It's also why I may go insane before the time I'm 30, but I'm not too worried.
1. Seven weddings. The last two are coming up next week and I am very happy about that. (No offense, married friends. I love you all. But Sarah's tired.)
2. Birthdays! Best friend & best friend's husband's birthdays are in September and October, and we always go out 'til the wee hours of the morning to properly celebrate! (Prime example: this past Saturday we danced to NSync in a bar and stalked a waitress for mozzerella sticks.)
3. Unattainable bedtime. My roommate and I cannot go to bed on time. (On time meaning like, 9:30 PM.) We try to hold each other accountable, but then The Voice comes on and I have to watch it.
4. Thursday night trivia. With $2 beer. Enough said.
5. More wedding stuff. Like... bachelorette parties and dresses and flowers and hair and nails and girly planning. We can't help it.
6. Concerts and anything music involved. Show on a Tuesday night and I have to get up the next morning at 6 AM? Who cares!
7. iPhone. Sometimes I really do go to bed on time. But then my brain just says, "I have to make a Target shopping list so I remember to buy fun socks and toothpaste!" (My best friend can attest to this. When we lived together she used to yell upstairs for me to stop getting on my phone when I was supposed to be asleep. She knew.)
8. Happy hour. Every plan I have to leave at 7 PM turns into 9 PM somehow. I'm beginning to think I don't have control over this.
9. Weekends. Before October even started, every weekend I had was booked up. This may seem extreme... but I had lots to do! Lots of people to see! And even less sleep to be had! (I may re-name November "Napvember".) And I strongly believe that weekends in themselves are meant for staying up until 1 AM at least.
10. FRIENDS! (Not the show... real ones. I swear they exist.) This is my favorite reason to get zero sleep. I never pass up an opportunity to hang out with people I love unless I'm sick or possibly dying. And even then it would take a lot to stop me.
Someone posted on Facebook recently that meat and sleep are addictions and not necessary. I laughed for about ten minutes straight before having this reaction:

So... I'd say it's necessary, yeah. Otherwise you are clearly a real-life zombie and therefore, must be destroyed. (Oh, wait, you'll destroy yourself by passing out from NO SLEEP.)

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