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Back when I was a young college kid, I had enough time and energy to road trip to Philly once in a blue moon. That's how The Electric Factory became one of my favorite venues! And my good friend and roommate, Emily, was awesome enough to do it with me. (She lives in CA now... and I only slightly hate it. Come back, Em! Also, click her name for her Tumblr. I love.) 

I don't even remember what year this was, but one of my favorite shows was going to see KT Tunstall on her first tour (I think) at that venue. Honestly, besides her music, the thing I remember most about her was her boots. And seeing as it's fall weather, what an appropriate WTW post!

[all images via google & weheartit]
I wish had a place to wear those white boots, can you say glam?! And the black studded boots in the second picture look awesome, although you can't see 80% of them. If you haven't heard this little Scottish girl sing before, check out her 2013 album Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon.
Until tomorrow, friends!

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