what they wore :: hayley williams

Welcome to the first post of What They Wore! Every girl needs a fashion outlet, in my opinion. And an icon to admire... so one of my favorite chicks is up first! Hayley Williams of Paramore. I've always loved this girl's style... and having started her career when she was 14, it's been cool to see it evolve through the ages.

I mean, you can't go wrong with a hat like that! But now that she's grown up, one of my favorite things about her has been her hair. I so wish I could have hair like her's! It really reflects how vibrant she is (from dark red to orange to red & blonde).

And overall, this is why I love her:

She's the perfect mix of classy, punk, dressy, and comfortable. All that, and she's a badass. I love a girl who's not afraid to just get on stage in jeans and a t-shirt and call it a day. That's my favorite way to play music, and I love seeing others do it too. I enjoy the creativity that a lot of artists put into their clothing choices, but I will always be drawn to more simple styles! [all images via google]

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