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Guys, today I want to talk about music that replicates itself in more than one entity. In other words, awesome styles of music played the same way but by different bands! I love indie rock and I recently came across a band that mimics the sound of one of my all-time favorites that is no longer together (RIP Copeland). With that, I introduce you to Valise.

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It's funny... I found these guys after a recording studio they use (The Vanguard Room) began following me on Instagram a couple of days ago (@sarahfisch for anyone who cares). I started looking through the kinds of bands they record, only to discover that a lot of them are right up my alley. By pure chance I gave Valise a listen... and was immediately struck with how similar they sound to Copeland (not the easiest band in the world to follow, thanks to Aaron Marsh's vocals and the amazing music he and the guys wrote). Naturally, I was hooked. I found out later that they actually worked with Aaron (ohhh, that explains it!).
I want to do a lot more listening and see where the guys of Valise go, but I guarantee you, they're going somewhere. They have a great sound and it makes me even happier that I can have a similar, live taste of one of my favorite bands that is no longer together. And, of course, I appreciate what they bring to the table as individuals and great, hardworking musicians (read: they are not Copeland copycats and I don't mean to make them sound that way). So here are some tracks for you guys... enjoy and keep in touch with this band! I know I will.

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