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As a follow-up to last night, I am posting this lovely interview from Jeffrey Thiessen about The Naked and Famous. You guys, it was an amazing show, just like I knew it would be. The energy of this band is unreal, and it wasn't like anything I had pictured. There were strobe lights and dramatic pauses and an encore of brilliance.

First, let me just say that another soon-to-be featured band, The Colourist, opened and they were great too. That's a post for another day, so I'll leave it at that. It was so very refreshing to have one opening band as opposed to three! I can't even tell you how great that feels. I love openers because they are usually a slight reflection (if not more) of the headliner, but last night I just wanted to get to the main event. Plus, it allowed The Colourist a longer set, which was well deserved on their part.

Then came TNAF. Enter the strobes and blackness and neon and GREATNESS. Synth and keyboards and bass you could feel in your chest ensued (my favorite).  Thom and Alisa, the two main vocalists, transported us to a world where you can dance and sing and not much else matters. In fact, Alisa was doing that on stage a lot of the time. I so enjoy a show where the band has fun. (Side note: this guy standing behind me at the show kept commenting on how Alisa "has the best British accent I've ever heard!" Um... dude, they're from New Zealand. Come on now.)

It really is amazing how five different counterparts can make up one insanely great experience. You take every small piece of what each person is doing and when you put it together, it's no longer simple in itself. I kept trying to listen to each individual thing, and at times I couldn't make out who was doing what because it was that in sync and blended and beautiful. That's what I love about this band.

One of my favorite parts was their encore. During the song before the encore, the rest of the band left the stage and Alisa was alone just singing to close it out before heading off. It was a gorgeous moment. They came back shortly and launched into Young Blood. When it was ending, they paused for a while while thanking the crowd. Every single person in that room thought the show was over... until the band burst right back into the chorus and the entire room started screaming and dancing like crazy people. No one saw that coming... it's hard to explain, but I've really never seen anything like it before. The element of surprise was really special. I think it's safe to say that nearly every person in the room felt the exact same way for about 30 seconds. Music unites. That's why I love it.

Anyway, if you get a chance to catch TNAF on their tour, it's worth seeing! For little video clips, see my IG (sarahfisch) or view my IG on my homepage. And make sure you read the interview I posted at the top, it's got some really good insight into their music.

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