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Your first Music Monday post is here! I've been listening to these guys all weekend, and let me tell you, I am super excited to see them live tonight (@ 9:30 Club). They have such a great sound and I'm glad they're gaining more air time!
The Naked and Famous have two albums out currently, and their most recent, "In Rolling Waves," is a good mix of fun, heartfelt, and a tinge of pain that most can relate to. They always leave me feeling like I could have a dance party along to music that isn't devoid of emotion! Hailing from New Zealand, this five-part alternative band mostly gained recognition in the U.S. from having their songs in TV shows. They actually recorded a lot of their first album in their homes, which I love. It keeps the record so personal that way; I wish more artists did that. Now that their 2013 album has been released, they are getting way more recognition for their work outside of NZ and are touring like crazy. 
Lead singer Alisa Xayalith's voice is what gets me. She has such a unique, almost haunting sound that I want to keep listening to over and over again, no matter what she's saying. Her male counterparts bring out the best in her, that's for sure. They add a lot to the mix as well, contributing lovely harmonies and their fair share of melodies. I feel like each one of them are experts on collaboration and compromise. It's easy for good musicians to sound great together; the challenge lies within each person's willingness to work cohesively.
The song "Hearts Like Ours" gets me the most... with lyrics like "half awake and almost dead..." which is really how I feel sometimes. Not living to the fullest. Needing to
give more. (I digress.)
You may know them from one of their first singles, "Young Blood." Good Lord, what a great song. I am so excited for them to perform this tonight. An amazing expression of self-doubt and figuring it out. ("The bittersweet between my teeth/Trying to find the in-betweens/Fall back in love eventually...")
I'll be writing a review of the show after tonight, but I can already say with certainty that it will be a good one! If you have a chance to catch them, please do! They put value and heart into their songs and are worth a listen!

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