friday favorites :: snow day round 3

It snowed again last night! That makes three this winter season... a refreshing comeback after a couple years of nothing! What is winter if it has no snow, I ask you?! So today I am blogging from my warm bed, covered in blankets after emailing work to tell them, "No, I will absolutely not go outside in windy 18 degree weather to scrape frozen snow off my car at 6 AM. Thanks, NO THANKS."

I digress.

So, Friday Favorites! Well, one of them is snow, duh. Here are the others!

Planning on checking out this place for lunch today. I can't believe I still haven't been since my roommate told me about it months ago.

Enjoying The Awkward Blog this week. I love reading about her adventures in London and time spent with her girlfriends!

This Buzzfeed. My roommate texted it to me yesterday and I was dying... some of these are actually true :)

Looking forward to Downton Abbey and The Bachelor soon! JUAN-UARY!

This shirt and these boots. I have a Christmas gift card to spend!

Finally, some of my favorite songs to listen to in 2013:

- The 1975, Chocolate

- The Gaslight Anthem, 45

- Birdy, Skinny Love (for when my dog passed away)

- Panic at the Disco, Miss Jackson (car driving song!)

- Sara Bareilles, Chasing the Sun

- Matt Wertz,  Get To You

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