what they wore :: scarves, and other tales of 10° weather

Apparently we are not done with the Polar Vortex-esque weather. It's 10 degrees and I am beginning to dream of jobs that have a strict "no walking in frigid temperatures" policy. Sigh. But I got up this morning, brushed the newly fallen snow off my car, and drove to work. Here is a pet peeve of mine: when I go to cross the street while walking to my building and the crosswalk timer is just ending, so I have to wait for a whole new cycle of green-light-to-red-light. First world problems. Also, I'm pretty sure my thighs were frozen this morning. They were the only bit of me besides my face that didn't have an extra layer.

Here are two items I cannot live without during this freezing time of life. One is scarves. The second one is ear warmer things. (Do these have an official name?)

The scarf selection from H&M is really beautiful. One thing I hate to sacrifice for staying warm is style. Scarves like these are long so you can layer and wrap them around your neck and keep out the cold, then re-style to be more fashionable when you get inside! Love.

Knit scarves are the best. They offer a level of comfort and warmth that you can only dream about in the midst of a Polar Vortex. If you have knitting friends, I strongly recommend you commission them to make you a knit scarf :) Otherwise, grab this one from H&M. (In case you haven't noticed, all good things come from H&M.)

Warning: I do not own a hat like this. However, I frequently see them on other women walking around and their heads look so warm. I may have to cave! Especially if the inside is fleece-lined.

Ear warmers: ugly or justified? You decide. Either way, they are necessary right now. I don't care who you are... your ears will thank you when you're out in the cold. 

My favorite winter pick! The crochet headband. It keeps your ears and forehead warm, and you can layer a hoodie over your head with it. The one shown is from Etsy and the very similar one I own is from Target, but isn't available anymore. (I kind of want this one more, though!)

If you're going for super pretty, Forever 21 has some lovely scarves out right now for amazing prices. (The one above is only $8!)

And when in doubt, just go for the hat. I should wear hats more. Maybe next winter I will have a hat obsession.

all images are from the product websites.

Stay warm, friends!

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