Oh, hey, Polar Vortex. You know what I think of you? I think you HATE ME. Because I got up at 6 AM to go to work like a good girl, only to be greeted with 3 degree weather. No problem, I say, because I can just layer up like this:

First step conquered. Then I start my car. She sounds a little resistant because she's frozen solid, but old Sangria never fails. I get to my parking lot where I usually pay $6 to park and then walk about five minutes to my building (cheapskate). Today, however, I see my coworker. He tells me the machine is not printing out any slips. Never one to take anyone's word for it, I try it myself. True. The machine will not give me that little piece of paper so  I don't get towed, and now I've charged an unnecessary $6 on my card. I check the other three cars in the parking lot. They have the paper. (How did they do it?!)

Second step failed. On to the third. I decide that because it's freezing (understatement) I will park my car directly in front of my building on the street and pay the machine an extreme amount of money to stay there all day. A splurge is sometimes necessary and fun. Then I realize the machine says "3 hour parking only." FACE PALM.

Step FOUR! Go to the trusty old parking garage adjacent to my building and park there. At least it's super early so I can park right as I pull in. Why didn't I do that in the first place, you ask? They usually don't have an early bird special. However, as I pull up, I see they have a new sign! $10 in before 9 AM and out after 4 PM! Guess what. I leave at 3 PM. UGH. I just know they are going to try to charge me a full amount... but I can be pretty convincing.

And it's only 7:30 AM. Happy Polar Vortex to me! :) Stay warm, my friends.

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