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Since we have had more snow in a couple of months than in the past three years, I felt I should share some weather-appropriate clothes. Mind you, I don't own most of these since I never leave my house in the bad weather (and since my  designated snow uniform is patterned leggings and hoodies). It's just a rule of my life. But if I do venture out of the house into a snowdrift one day, these are what I want to be wearing!

This quilted jacket. It also keeps in mind that in the midst of a blizzard, you may need to text you loved ones to alert them that you have severe frostbite or got stuck while trying to snowshoe to your boyfriend's house by adding a special smartphone pocket. 

The name of these leggings is enough for me. I mean, Cozy on the Couch? It's like they know me or something. 

You may have seen these in one of my recent posts. I'm a big fan of Minnetonka slippers and they have some awesome boots as well. Perfect for lounging on the couch (yet again) or running out to your car to scrape off ice in a pinch. Or collecting your trash cans from outside your alley fence so no one hits them with their car. 

First and foremost, you must ignore this outfit. Please, never go out in denim shorts with platform boots and these socks. I wish I could meet the stylist of this shoot to say, "You're doing it wrong." Now that we've got that out of the way, just look at these awesome socks! Over-the-knee socks have been my thing this winter. I wear them over leggings, under jeans and work pants, and they keep me so warm. I highly recommend having at least four pairs. Oh heck, why not make it seven. 

Fair isle patterns are the thing this season, in case you haven't noticed. And cardigans are always my thing (I am the queen of cardi's, just ask my closet). Put them together and you have one of my favorite combos! This cardigan looks cozy and fun all at once. And when you have something as patterned as this, it's incredibly easy to just throw it over a plain tee and jeans and call it a day. Easy peasy, I'm all about it.

Check out some of the great sales from these companies as the winter season starts to wind down and spring lines are coming out! Lots of places are having 50% off sales and now is the time to start stocking your closet for next winter... and for the second coming of the Polar Vortex (Lord help us all).

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