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You guys have read my posts or at least heard of Eisley before, right? There's a special connection between them and Rising Fawn.  The girls' own sister, Chauntelle DuPree, has finally made her way from backup singer to lead in her own band alongside her husband, Todd D'Agostino. What I love about this band is that Chauntelle very much brings an Eisley-esque vibe to the table again, but in her own way. She has a voice that has long complimented her sisters, but it's such a great thing to hear her on her own. Her music is full of the indie stuff that I can't get enough of... haunting melodies and the most wonderful harmonies, dreamy rhythms, plus a voice that doesn't quit. It's got the perfect mix of the Eisley element that I have forever loved and Chauntelle's original sound. I really enjoy Chauntelle and Todd's writing style as well. I can't wait to hear what else they come up with in the future! For now, here's a little something to start your week off right!

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