friday favorites :: how to smile in the dead of winter

Sometimes I just need a solid list of things that make me happy on days when I have to battle rain and ice too early in the morning. Right?! 

My friend's Victorian Bulldog puppy! Her husband surprised her for Christmas... Maggie is a feisty little thing but just look at that face. I can't even... my puppy fever is so bad right now, you guys.

Nick Miller is making my LIFE this week. If I feel even the least stressed out, I just Google him and all is well in the world again. (Don't watch New Girl? Shame on you.)

One of my favorite images that I posted on Instagram this week. No, not Instagram... POMSTAGRAM! (@sarahfisch)

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I want to do this... except I'm scared of finding glitter in every nook and cranny of my body, house, and purse for all eternity. As they say, glitter is the herpes of the arts & crafts world; you can never get rid of it. Maybe outside, 1,000 feet away from any buildings with gloves and a hazmat suit?

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My roommate and I have been talking about creating a fun reading/window sitting space in our third bedroom. I totally envision this... with records playing and stacks of books and twinkle lights!

And finally: my About Me section has been updated with some fun facts. Also, I love clementines, in case you couldn't tell. Have a good weekend!

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