happy 2014!

Guys, I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be a good one. I had an excellent time at our New Year's party, and the next morning was full of wafflemakers and record players. Nothing better than eating waffles and bacon while Jackson 5 and The Beatles are playing, I tell ya!

Also, I am convinced that New Year's day is the best day in the whole year to veg out on the couch and eat nothing good for you. My roommate and I watched an all-day/night marathon of Happy Endings (it's cancelled, but have you seen that show? Hilarious!), ate guacamole and mac & cheese, and did nothing. I even went to bed at 8 pm! Unheard of for me, but necessary since I was falling asleep on the couch at 6. Sheesh. 2014 turned me into a grandma.

I hope your New Year's was safe, fun and lovely! I'll be back tomorrow with some of my favorite songs of 2013 :)

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