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I've discovered that Fridays are for running late and somehow ending up at work on time. Go figure. Also, you know how people make fun of women who drink hot coffee out of a straw? I have one word for you: L I P S T I C K.

On to Friday Faves!

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I had to make a Christmas return to Amazon and bought these Sperrys with my refund. I used to hate gold and was strictly a silver person, but clearly things change. And I'm now a weird hipster/preppy hybrid, apparently. I don't even know me.

Doesn't this Minnetonka slipper look like the most comfortable thing in the world?!

I also ordered one of my favorite childhood books from Amazon. Can't wait to read it again!

Just look at this tiny house from the Tiny Project blog! You seriously have to go look at the interior photos. It's dreamy. Plus, the guy built it himself and lives there with his girlfriend and dog. What a crazy experience! I secretly want one for myself.

Around the interwebs, Lark & Lace is a blog I'm enjoying this week!

The Bachelor recaps from the I Hate Green Beans blog are my favorite every season. Lincee is so funny! I can't read it at work anymore because I die laughing.

Best of all... 99¢ Dunkin! Hallelujah.

Tonight means dinner and drinks with good friends... have a great weekend!

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