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First things first. One, the Polar Vortex did not conquer me again this morning! Except for my square inch of face that was exposed and frozen. My friend texted me last night to say their pipes froze, burst, and flooded their basement. We left the faucet dripping overnight to avoid something like that... Polar Vortex, you are getting way too intense for me. I can't even handle you. (This article does a good job of explaining how pipes freeze and the necessary prevention methods. Don't take a chance, people!)

Two, remember how I said I was going to The Burger Joint? I did, and it was delicious. Expensive, but worth the money if you're craving a burger! I don't eat a lot of red meat, so I got the turkey burger. Reasons why I loooooove this burger: it has gorgonzola and mushrooms stuffed into the meat. No need to add cheese! I like my burgers fairly plain anyway. And the fries! We got the garlic parmesan fries, and they were amazing. Here's proof:

Now that I've made you sufficiently hungry, on to WTW! Since I just dressed up for New Year's and I have a fancy dinner coming up soon (a post on that later), I have been looking at nice dresses all over the place. 

image via thelimited.com

This is my black and gold sparkled NYE dress, which was originally $98, but I paid $37 in the store. I can't resist an amazing sale! The Limited has a whole bunch of their fancy dresses on sale right now. H&M has a fun mix of everyday and nicer dresses to choose from, and their prices are always right. And then, of course, there's Modcloth. They have the sweetest dresses for so many special occasions. My friend even had us all buy our bridesmaid's dresses from there! They were only $50, too. Some of Modcloth's styles can be on the expensive side, but their sales are usually great. And when they sell out of something, you can sign up to get an email alert when it returns to the site. That's actually how we got all our dresses for the wedding on time! Love it.

I think I'll be re-wearing my NYE dress to my upcoming dinner, but I always love browsing for sales. Check out those sites if you need a new dress for a night out soon! And even if you don't... 

* this is not a sponsored post. all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. That is so crazy about your friends pipes! Ahh that polar vortex is all kinds of crazy! And amazing find on that dress, it's absolutely lovely!

    1. Thanks Amanda! Really glad you stopped by... I enjoyed looking over your blog! You have a new follower on Bloglovin :)