throwback thursday :: when it's cold outside

I'm back in the office today after being holed up in my house since Friday. Well, technically that's not true. I was out with friends all weekend. But I hadn't left my house to go to work until today! Monday was lovely since our manager let us work from home for a holiday we technically don't get. And then... it snowed. And snowed some more. 8 or so inches later, my roommate and I had a fun-filled work at home snow day! Our favorite! Work laptops and cookies and snowflake watching and rerun episodes of Happy Endings. Then the temperature decided it was going to be 10 degrees eternally and never go back up again. Not our favorite: ice, shoveling, not seeing road lines, and bitter cold. Oh, and low tire pressure on my car (thanks for the alert, Sangria). I am so ready for summer. Any season where I can get up at 6 AM and it feels like a sunny afternoon is the best.

So, here's a recap of my snow day week in pictures. Side note: I was pretty boring.

Outside my house when the pre-snow madness was starting.

I adore Mindy Kaling, so I was excited to read her book! Finished that one, and moved on to the next. (While wearing my favorite snow day leggings!)

This is where I spend my Wednesday and Sunday nights, playing music and admiring stained glass windows. My church rents this space... it's 175 years old and has an amazing pipe organ.

My roommate always stands at our door watching the snow fall. And I always take a sneaky picture of her and post it to Instagram (@sarahfisch).

My teacher friend Tricia had the day off, so she came over and we had sushi for lunch, talked about her upcoming wedding (yay!), and played some music. I love this girl. (I also love that white blanket. SO SOFT.)

And as always... NICK MILLER. This is the Nick I'll be channeling at my fancy dinner with friends tomorrow night. Happy Thursday!

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