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It's snow day #4! We are supposed to get the most we've had this year... 5-10 inches. The roommate and I are going to spend the day on our work laptops while making cookies and never changing clothes :) And for your reading pleasure, head over to Bubby & Bean to read about my 2014 goals! Thanks for letting me share, Melissa! 

1. So happy to be getting back into reading books. It's such a good way to unwind at the end of the day before going to sleep, and much better than being on electronic devices. I'll post a list of what I've been reading soon!
2. I'm beyond blessed to work from home on snow or sick days and not take my vacation time. Thank you Jesus.
3. January has been my month for eating clean, and I have to say, I am doing a very good job of it! I've even made good choices while going out to eat. I had this amazing ahi tuna salad this weekend. Cooking more has been fun, too. I'm planning to make a healthy version of chocolate chip cookies today, so we'll see how those turn out.
4. I love when musicians make albums that include their personal commentary. I'll share one that I'm listening to in particular for the next Music Monday!
5. Is it wrong that I want to live my whole life in leggings and sweatshirts? It is my firm belief that getting dressed is overrated.
6. I spent my whole weekend with groups of different friends, and I loved it. Friday night I was with my college loves, Saturday morning I had a brunch party with the lovely women from my church, and that night I hung out with a couple high school friends. Sunday was with my church people and an old college friend I hadn't seen in forever. I actually went to her church in the morning, and she came to mine in the evening. It was so great to share in each other's experiences after not being together for a long time!
7. I have a bunch of material I need to start recording... but it's so hard with roommates (no offense to them, obviously I love them)! I never want to disturb anyone's quiet. I wish I had the money to rent out an isolated, creative space to work in. One day!
8. "Adventureland" was on TV Sunday night, which I had never seen. I only watched it because Jesse Eisenberg was in it, and I like him. And it had Kristen Stewart, who I only watch for her emotionless expressions that are characteristic of every single movie she does. I found myself loving their story, how much he cared about her from the very beginning. It's kind of a dumb movie but I liked the pair of them.
9. I'm sure a bunch of you out there watch Parenthood. I have such a love-hate relationship with it right now. Come on, Joel. Get your ish together, for the love of all of us watching!
10. Thanks for reading all of this and pretending you care. And to my multiple friends who have told me they read the blog, I so appreciate you. Even though I'm sure you're doing it so I won't call you a bad friend :)

Also, this:

Love them, love his moves. Always.

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