a saturday post?! what the.

If you've been following Life Into Words for a while, you know that I have never posted on a Saturday. That's because my Saturdays are usually busy, out with friends and not thinking about blogging. But today is a new day, my friends!

Today I'm watching my best friend's pups while she and her husband go to an all-day family thing a couple hours away. Not only do I love hanging with dogs, it's forcing me to just stay in one place and not run myself ragged this weekend. Hallelujah! Just look at that sweet face up there. Isn't he the cutest corgi you ever did see?! 

This morning I'm catching up on some blog reading and one of my most favorite new blogs is Feel + Flourish. These two ladies met via Instagram and Facebook and became close friends. How awesome is that? As a person who has some very dear friends as a result of meeting them just once and establishing an instant connection, I love this story. And now they have the loveliest blog... go check them out!

{Side note: why do I always forget to drink water when I decide having a bottle of wine is necessary on a Friday night? Real talk.}

If you're in or around MD like me, you are rejoicing in this 50+ degree weather! Please please please stay this way and let's be rid of the 30 and below for good. My poor, spring-craving heart can't take it!

Have the best weekend, I'll see you for Music Monday! Here's a tune to hold you until then.

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