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It's snowing outside yet again, and it's March. Something is very wrong with this picture. I'm begging you to get here, Spring!

Do you guys ever listen to bands for a while, forget about them, then remember them again? No? Just me? Okay then. Today is one of those situations.

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I started listening to London Grammar a couple years ago, and somehow forgot about them until now. There is no good excuse for this, since they're excellent! They have such a unique sound and I always think they're a wonderful blend of new & classic. Hannah, the lead vocalist, is the closest you'll ever come to replicating Florence + The Machine. She's so unreal. They just put out their first record in 2013, though songs were released before then. 

See what I mean? Get their album, If You Wait, and their EP, Metal & Dust. You won't be disappointed. Also, happy St. Patrick's Day! (a.k.a. an excuse to drink Guinness. As if you need an excuse.)

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