the great debate.

I read this article about the World Vision fiasco the other day: Take a minute to read it before you continue.

I think Christians are so wrapped up in the "I'm right, you're wrong" mentality that it's blinding them from helping a very real need. It makes me a little ashamed to be part of my faith. I am a Christian, in case you didn't know. And when I weigh supporting a child's needs and giving them a future against defending a principle, I choose the kid. Hands down. World Vision is not changing the work they do. They were just trying to give everyone who cares a chance to be a part of it (their decision has now been revoked). Believe it or not, gay people like to help kids too. ;)

I can't speak for everyone, but I feel like the majority of people that are pissed off about WV hiring gay people aren't close to anyone who is gay. I mean, I probably had just one openly gay friend myself before one of my best friends recently told me that he is gay. And now it hits really close to home. While it hasn't changed my core beliefs, it has definitely opened up a recognition in me of how gay people should be treated. (Side note: they are still human beings, not aliens. In case you were confused about that.) While I personally don't support gay marriage, I do support all humans being able to get a job wherever they'd like and having the ability to take part in organizations that they care about, regardless of sexual orientation. Homosexuality is such a media-driven, hot-button issue that Christians feel the need to be "right" about and defensive over. I totally understand defending the Bible and its beliefs. I do the same. But let's face it... 90% of people in America clearly understand and have formed an opinion on this debate already. Denying anyone the right to have a job over it is pointless. And in the end, who is the ultimate decision maker? Because I 100% believe it's Jesus, not you and me. PS - He's going to judge YOU in the end too. Just as much, for all YOUR sins. And me as well. 

I ask you, fellow Christians: what exactly do you think denying gay people jobs is going to do? It is not going to make your faith stronger. It is not going to help anyone, gay or straight, come closer to the Lord. It isn't even going to benefit you except that you get to shout your opinions to the world! Here's what it will do: make non-believers more resistant to the gospel, make a large number of people wary of Jesus, fuel hatred, and satisfy your need to tell everyone who will listen that homosexuals are the worst kind of sinner. That really helps the situation (sarcasm). Isn't it a good thing that more humans on this earth want to help people through organizations and other resources rather than stand idly by? Frankly, I think we need all the help we can get, no matter who is giving it.

I totally get standing up for what you believe in. Again, I openly say that I believe that homosexuality is wrong according to the Bible (which I believe to be true), and according to my personal beliefs outside of Christianity (faith aside, I think men and women are made to be together and there are no alternatives). Are you aware that there are a ton of Christians out there struggling with being gay? I will absolutely stand up and say that these people ARE STILL CHRISTIANS. They still believe in Jesus. They still have biblical morals and good hearts and do not condemn you for your sins like you do them. They are fighting a battle within themselves that is probably 10 times harder than anything the average person has had to face. And I know your next question is, "What about the ones that call themselves Christians but aren't struggling over being gay... they just think homosexuality is 100% okay?" To that, I say this: Jesus is the only one who can outright refute this and judge anyone's heart; it is not our job (nor are we called!) to continue telling gay people that they are awful sinners; and you are entitled to defend your beliefs, but let it go once you have been heard and understood by the person you are talking to (whether you agree or not). Guess what? They are going to make their own choices and form their own opinions, just like you do. Where in the bible does it say, "go relentlessly after the sinners and take away their rights until they believe exactly as you do?" (Yes, I know it does say to hold your Christian brothers accountable if they are out of line. But at some point you have to trust that they have listened and heard you. The rest is up to them. I firmly believe that and it goes for all people, not just gay. I also don't believe in cutting people you care about out of your life simply because they have made decisions that you disagree with - unless the decisions are dangerous and makes them unsafe to be around.)

I know that a lot of Christians out there will wholeheartedly disagree with what I'm saying. There are those who think that we should be fighting to defend God's word against homosexuality for all it costs. But let me tell you: THERE IS A COST. The cost of people running away from Christ because of you. The cost of innocent children losing support and a future, in this instance. The cost of people hating the church and everything it stands for. You may not care about that, since the bible states "you will be persecuted for your beliefs" and that may validate your choices. But I would rather live in a world where I can kindly state my beliefs when warranted, while accepting every person (gay or straight) without telling them they can't get a job, or they can't volunteer somewhere, or they can't come to my church.

That's where I stand.


  1. Hey girl. Romans 14:4 says "Who are you to pass judgement on the servant of another? It is before his own master that he stands or falls. And he will be upheld, for the Lord is able to make him stand" All of us would fall short on our own without the perfectly righteous reputation of Jesus Christ. Also, verse 20 says "Do not, for the sake of food, destroy the work of God"
    I agree, we should not be judging our brothers in any deed. That's the Holy Spirit's job, to convict. Jesus commands us to one thing- love. In Romans 13 Paul lists sexual immorality right next to quarreling and jealousy. I agree, that we should not destroy the work of God- feeding orphans and poverty stricken children, because we desire to be "right" about something. But also don't judge your other sisters and brothers for not supporting this cause either. That's the hard part. Just love. Pray. Let God work. He hardens hearts as well as he opens them. He's in charge, he works all things for good. And He's bigger than all of this. (Loving people is really hard. Praise Jesus that he comes up right beside us to help us- because we are hateful and bad people) And finally, I think it was brave of you to post this.
    Romans 13:9-10
    You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore, love is the fulfilling of the law.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I agree and love what you had to say... I didn't mean to come off like I am judging those who take the opposite stance. I am very much of the opinion that everyone is entitled to their own right and beliefs. To each their own :) I mentioned that in a Facebook thread last night but forgot to add it in here!