friday favorites :: iPhone photos & IKEA beds

Is anyone else extremely excited that it's Friday? It's just been a long week. I have a weekend full of plans and seeing good friends, so I'm anxious to get that started! And I keep forgetting that I need to make time to read the books I've been getting out of the library (or use up my two renewals, which is what usually happens). Sigh. My busy life. RECAP!
1. My friend got her second kitten, who insists on sitting on your shoulder and curling around your neck. // 2. These back roads that I grew up on will always be my favorite. I went home to see my dad and we had pizza. // 3. My corgi puphew Ripken! He's getting so heavy. I spent the day with him and Cali. // 4. Visiting my pup Misty that passed away in September. We always bury our pets in our woods so we can go see them. I've been missing her lately.

5. Ripken naps like this. Seriously. // 6. Cali and Ripken are always snuggling. Well, more like he squishes her and she doesn't mind. // 7. This IKEA daybed was a bitch to put together. Laura worked on it for close to 10 hours without stopping; when I got home she was ready to quit but we figured it out and it's done! (PS - IKEA manuals suck.) // 8. This is my work face as of late. Interpret as you will.

That daybed is the most important picture of them all. I can't believe how long it took Laura to put it together... and trust me, she is so good at those types of things. She always convinces me not to give up after step 1! This time, she was ready to quit and I had to be the motivator. Well, more like that thing was just pissing me off by not giving clear instructions, so I had to defeat it. I know you need your manuals to be internationally legible, IKEA, but for crying out loud, would some words be too much to ask for when the project is complicated? Sheesh. But now that it's done, this is going to be our reading room! Super feminine with florals and pretty pictures. The bed is going by the window, of course, and it's going to be so nice to sit there with a cup of coffee and get into a good book. I'm also planning on writing some new music in that very spot. It helps to get out of my own room sometimes. I'll post photos when it's all finished!

Also (random), I was doing some research on how to keep my iPhone battery alive longer. I'm pretty iPhone savvy so I know a lot of the tricks, but this article had a lot more that I didn't know. I wanted to share in case you guys are having the same issues. Worth checking out:

And here are some tunes to get your weekend going!

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