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Today has been hectic. I can only assume that's to make up for the lazy snow day I had yesterday. And that's why I'm blogging at 7pm instead of 7am. Le sigh.

I'm in a period of musical transition. I'm writing and trying to put another record together, although it's been a struggle and I haven't recorded anything in ages. There's a lot of self-doubt and criticism going on in my head. That criticism is both the best and worst thing for me. I read this quote a few days ago:

"there is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing."
- Aristotle

Well said, dude.

I can't avoid criticism because I am my own worst critic. But I am also my best. I applaud myself when I write a good lyric or two. Not because I am self-centered, but usually because I am so relieved I actually did something worth hearing (in my own mind, of course). That feeling is often short lived. 

I put my record from 2012 up on Bandcamp today. It's the only album I've written that I don't hate. If you listen to it, you may say, "good grief, that's depressing." It comes from a very real year of my life. The tagline in my profile says "music from the heart, for the heart." That is the epitome of what I do and how I write. Despite bad recording quality, a lone acoustic guitar, and non-perfect vocals, these songs are me. Do me a favor? Just listen to the words and if the rest seems okay to you too, well great. :) And if you start listening and you hate it, at least listen to "Been Here Before", "Break", or "Wounds". (Especially "Wounds".) Those songs are straight from my unfiltered heart.

PS - harmonies are my most favorite thing.

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