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Listen. I have a thing about t-shirts. In middle school, I was the queen of those JC Penney tees with weird slogans. In high school, I still did that but with cooler slogans (not even). Then in college, I wore my favorite band tees (I still have all of them). After becoming an "adult in the real world", I decided to get rid of the t-shirt obsession and wear real clothes. It's been going well for the past six years, thanks for asking!

All that being said, I still can't resist a super comfy and fun t-shirt. When I stumbled upon deadburydead, I was so excited. I love their styles and their "grown up" slogans! I have this one and it's my favorite thing to wear under my leather jacket:

all photos via deadburydead

I could never pass up a chance to wear The Smiths lyrics. And while these tees are a tiny bit on the expensive side because of all the hard work they put in to make them (totally justified), they do have deals frequently. That's when I take advantage! Here are some of the other items from their shop that are catching my eye at the moment:

Check out their site and keep an eye out for deals! I seriously love their work.

And for your listening pleasure:

* this is not a sponsored post. all opinions are my own.

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