music monday :: armon jay

Happy Monday, loves! Is it just me, or does Monday sometimes surprise you and you wake up feeling great even after going to bed at midnight? I got out the door on time and I usually feel like I threw on some clothes without even looking... but seeing as the weather is getting warmer (!!), I am no longer buried in three million layers. Plus, I got free  Dunkin Donuts iced coffee this morning (always blueberry). This is a Monday for the record books, my friends!

And to start your Monday off with a bang (or an acoustic guitar), today's feature is Armon Jay.

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I listened to this guy's record all weekend, and let me tell you, it was the perfect background for so many things. Reading, cleaning my room, blogging, etc. Not that he should ever be considered background music... but you know, sometimes it's nice to find an album that you can listen to without it being distracting from other things going on. But I did listen to it without distractions as well, and I am super excited to see him play with Noah Gundersen in a couple of weeks! Armon writes with intention, has a great voice and just makes me want to listen to him for hours on end. (I did exactly that on Saturday.) He speaks the stories of his own life in his music, and I love it. You can read about his background here, and listen to his stuff on Spotify.

Stick your headphones in your ears at work today and treat yo self!


  1. Sounds like a great way to start the morning :) My day couldn't have been more opposite !!

    1. Aww, here's hoping your week gets better! Thanks for the comment!
      - Sarah