friday favorites :: letting it be

I wake up an hour later than usual and get ready with the sun out. It's nice not to use my car's headlights for once. I put on some music and start my drive, not rushing because I don't have to. It's bitterly cold outside but I walk the extra couple of blocks and back for some good coffee. I've been drinking the office coffee for weeks to save money, but today is the kind of day you need "real" coffee for.

I have two meetings to run at work today and I have to stay later than usual. My eyes feel itchy from sporadic crying during this crazy week: on behalf of a husband and wife I recently met who just lost their new baby girl, because my job is insane at times, because of things that remind me of the past, because I miss my dog, and because you just have to let it out sometimes. (I'm not normally a crier.)

Tonight I'm going to take some time to let it be. I'm going to drink wine with my best friend and cuddle with her pups. I'm going to get out in the nice weather we're supposed to have tomorrow and enjoy the sun. I'm going to relax and read a book or two. And I'm not going to stress over things I can't control or people I can't change. 

^ this is currently my favorite thing about Fridays.

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